Business and Technology Agile Transformation Assessments, Consulting and Training

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a·gil·i·ty – Agility is ability to think and move quickly and intentionally, while under control, in response to unpredictable and changing situations.

Companies must achieve business and technology agility alignment to be competitive in today’s inherent uncertain environment. Gone are the days when large companies eat small; now, it is the fast that eat the slow.


Agile Training

We offer agile certification and non-certification training courses and workshops covering Lean, Agile, Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, and Agile at Scale to get your business on the right path to agility. Learn More...

Agile Consulting

Together, we transform your business and technology through agile assessment, training, coaching, consulting, and mentoring across people, principles, practices, and platforms. We guide and support you along your journey through Agile Transformations, SAFe Implementations, Scrum, Lean, and Kanban.

Agility Health Assessments

We perform enterprise, agile team, and role-based business and technology agility assessments to provide visibility into your agile health, performance, and alignment to outcomes. Agile assessment results provide insights and an implementation playbook to advance and mature your business and technology agility transformation. Contact us to request a demo of our agility health assessments. Learn More...

People Support

From very simple to highly complex project and product delivery, we provide you with short-term, skilled Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Proxy-Product Owners, RTEs, and Project Managers that realize immediate results better, faster, and cheaper without the headaches or uncertainty of recruiting and hiring.


Together we help your business perform better and faster, while solving your immediate business problems. Founded in 2011, we are a business and technology agility consulting and training firm made up of very smart humans with wide and deep capabilities. We enable you to define your desired business outcomes, identify your business problems, and leverage agile to master continuous change and value delivery in a turbulent marketplace where “the fast eat the slow” and is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. We help you maximize customer value in the shortest sustainable lead time while providing the highest possible quality.


More than just teaching course content, we walk with you on your agility journey to high performance ensuring that knowledge gained from training is put into immediate action and change occurs. Experience demonstrates that most organizations need an external catalyst to influence internal behavioral change. We are change agents that provide the nudge that drives forward progress and behavioral change.


Agile is a mindset (not processes) shaped by our beliefs, values, and principles that influence behaviors of an organization’s culture and is at the center of all strategic change. Without an agile mindset across business and technology, new processes and tools achieve little. Transformation occurs when focus is shifted to a ‘people-first’ approach that drives the ‘way‘ we think, hire, train, motivate, and serve those that actually do the work. Most organizations are simply standing in their own way to becoming the better versions of themselves.  Through agility health assessments, training, and coaching, we help our clients identify and remove roadblocks to clear the path forward to be smarter by generating more value from less work and delivering it faster than their competitors.


We know agile will transform your organization for the better; but, there is no one-size fits all. We do not assume to know your specific situation. Discovery is about learning about your people, processes, technologies and identifying your top business problems that need solved. Using our proven discovery approach that elicits what we need to know about your situation, together we develop a custom tailored roadmap to get you on your business and technology agility transformation journey.

We offer a full catalog of courses and workshops for all roles across the organization on topics to fill skill gaps along your transformation journey. Thoroughly trained people improve performance, increase retention, reduce costs, reduce rework, build confidence, and create happier working environments.

As coaches, we live agile through our mindset, behaviors and skills. We move intentionally and fluidly between the roles of counselor, coach, partner, facilitator, teacher, modeler, reflective observer, technical advisor, and hands-on expert enabling you to achieve your desired results.

In this step along your path to business and technology agility, you have achieved your desired future state, solved your immediate business problems, and innovation & culture change begins to occur. Knowledge transfer has taken place, and we launch you on your continued journey towards your ideal state. We agree upon the frequency of agility health assessments and coaching to ensure continuous improvement.



Measure the health of your business and technology agile transformation.

We Deliver 1/2 Day Enterprise Business Agility Assessments

  1. Contact us to schedule a brief Discovery Call
  2. Schedule the 1/2 day Enterprise Business and Technology Agility Assessment
  3. We facilitate a 1/2 day assessment retrospective workshop on-site or virtually
  4. You receive your Enterprise Business and Technology Agility Assessment baseline report with the radar, growth areas and our recommended next 
  5. Schedule Enterprise Business Agility Jump Start Workshops



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